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3D and Visuals


An image made by clusters of pixels is capable of getting across a message faster and more encompassing than every language in the world, in every language of the world; the static images, frame by frame animations or the virtual tours, deliver a full cognitive and entertaining experience.


3D Modeling and Animations

Interaction on multiple levels is possible while exploring a 3D model whether it’s just for fun or for learning purposes; detailed models allow for close inspection and study in such situations where the physical presence of the object in case is not possible. This may include extinct animals or plants, valuable historic artifacts or designs that are still in the prototyping stages.

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing represents tomorrow’s new industrial revolution. Although available for two decades now, the high impact we witness today has to do with this technology’s reaching a level of affordability for the average user. While some materials are still prohibitive, online 3D printing services make it all happen and, as long as the 3D models are well thought out and thoroughly optimized it all goes smoothly. We take care of just that.

Data visualization

Clear, concise and easily understandable data is crucial in having a strong stand in today’s world of economics, throughout the social media and basically in every aspect of modern life. Be it for analysis of already collected data or future predictions and projections, the visual tools empower us to help you draw documented conclusions easily and efficiently.


Content creation and materials for M&A

Coming from and being well-grounded in the field of graphics, we have been involved in many projects with different ways of expressing and conveying a message; our approach is almost exclusively driven by visual meaning and targeting a quick and solid feedback.

Virtual tours | View demo

Images and animation make for a very good and descriptive approach however, they come short in providing the end user/client with true interactivity; our solution for offering a full immersive experience is the virtual tour. These can be used to visualize your house, your garden, the city’s parks and recreation spots, residential areas and much more.