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Nowadays the means of entertainment have brought about a cultural shift: the consumer changed their completely passive role into a more involved and decision-based behavior. Catering to these needs is not without challenges and prompts for creativity and innovation


App development for mobile devices

We often times hear the humorous line “there’s an app for it” but the truth is that although there is a wide variety of apps that cover very different topics, the need for new functionalities and visual APPeal is ever growing.
Since mobility in all its meanings is such a highly-sought status today, makes sense that providing the tools to support this is the developer’s right marketing approach.

Business Apps

As entertaining as a game or an app might be, there still is the need to perform work related tasks while using a mobile device or a computer. These may include apps that provide data analysis, automatic pays (weekly, monthly etc.) or business social networking, and providing the right tools to achieve proficiency has to be the main goal for us as developers.



In-site Apps

Some apps provide functionality directly from a website page without going through the download and install stages. Whether it’s a simple widget or a fully-fledged app, the ease of use and quick response are features we provide at the tip of your fingers.

Game development

The game development is aimed to different media, from browser-games to installed computer games, and from console games to games for mobile devices. Yet, the two crucial components that make up every game are always the same: coding and graphics. The right balance between these two aspects is what makes gameplay a truly immersive and engaging experience, and while our background has to do more with the graphic side, we have come to understand and perfect the coding part, too.