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Web Design and IT Solutions


Being aware of the multitude of aspects involved in managing a website according to its main purpose - portfolio presentation, e-commerce or blog/thought-provoking - we can take it upon ourselves to deal with every detail:


Web development

A fully functional website involves three equally important components:

a name – this is your identity in the internet world and should be descriptive of your activity.

a host – the host or server, represents the location of all the content from your website and should be chosen according to your necessities regarding loading speed, the amount of content and number of visitors.

the content – the content is made up by all the information visible and accessible on your website and this can consist of pictures, videos, text, downloadable documents, etc..

We can take care of each of these aspects for you so that it all comes together according to your vision.

E-commerce solutions

Online shopping is far past the point of mere novelty: lower prices, speedy delivery and an unlimited range of products and services coupled up with ease of access by means of computers, tablets and smartphones, have massively increased the population of the virtual markets.

We believe that being a seller on the Word Wide Web is a must, it is like taking your place early in a regular market, a place that is well visible and appealing.

Site maintenance and SEO

Developing a website, although a challenging task at times, is only the tip of the iceberg; updating the content and keeping up with the latest trends make for another important part along with finding the exact formula for promoting one`s business across the internet.

We agree that the look and feel of a website can be, up to a certain point of course, outlined by anyone with discerning graphic skills but the next steps, involving real maintenance and a solution for a higher visibility in the online environment (search engine optimization – SEO), require a professional hand and this is what we offer.




Visual identity design and CMS

A visual identity can be suggested by the client in accordance with their own desires and the likes/dislike binomial relation, yet, the development of “the” visual identity is a more complex process. Also, a well organized website providing a considerable and varied content, is normally managed by means of a professionally designed system known as CMS (content management system) which is how we handle the content.



IT Consultancy

Setting up a fully working IT-related pipeline that is flexible and productive takes time, experience and dedication; considering our own spread over a multitude of IT-related subjects and fields, we can provide a road map that highlights the sensitive and problem areas while supplying our clients with working solutions.



Performance boost

Whether you are a firm or a freelance professional that needs to get their job done by means of digital environments (computers, smart devices etc.) you need the optimal workflow in order to be efficient time- and money-wise. This may include hardware decisions, software choices, technical training and counseling, etc..